“Elaine was my German tutor for two and a half years recently. I experienced at first hand her excellent tutorial skills. She responded to my requirement to study the language’s structure and grammar rather than take a conversational learning approach with sensitivity and encouragement (I am an elderly student). Her diligence in preparing for our meetings was particularly noteworthy, and I noted  how she consistently used a rich variety of resources based on my interests in opera and current affairs to prepare exercises and suggestions for further study between tutorials. In addition Elaine helped me to conduct an email correspondence with a German friend.  I am very happy to recommend Elaine to anyone seeking a German tutor in their search for language skills.”

“Hilary was my French tutor for 4 years and I  thoroughly enjoyed our weekly sessions. She is an excellent tutor who is a patient and friendly person, thereby creating a relaxed, learning environment.  Her lessons are varied, fun and always  student orientated, incorporating all skill areas. I started as a beginner and left to pursue a career in France! I can highly recommend her as a French tutor.”

“Craig was a fantastic French tutor to my three primary school aged children. He made lessons fun for them and really managed to keep them engaged by using games and themes which appealed to them. When my eldest started secondary school, she had so much confidence in the subject and is doing really well thanks to the foundation Craig gave her. French is her favourite subject! “

“Hilary has provided one to one support for my children as a French , Spanish and German tutor. They enjoy going and value the improvement it has made to their language skills. She is professional, friendly and approachable and I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Money well spent! My A* was directly the result of this excellent French tutor who built my confidence and also enthused me to work hard and achieve at the highest level!”

“Elaine has been a weekly French and Spanish tutor at GCSE for my daughter for the past 2 years. She has always been prompt, reliable, friendly, and flexible. She puts in an incredible amount of preparation for each session and is imaginative, versatile and effective in her teaching methods. My daughter loves her lessons and – despite always having been science orientated- is now considering studying languages at A-level. I would wholeheartedly recommend Elaine as a French or Spanish tutor.”

“Hilary was my French tutor at Advanced Level for 2 years. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a language teacher. She is extremely reliable and friendly. She helped me to focus on the areas that needed improvement, such as grammar, listening, essay writing etc. She took great interest in my success and I really enjoyed my lessons with her.”

“Hilary was a very welcoming German tutor whose lessons were thorough and enjoyable. I studied AS/ A2 level with her and she always ensured every aspect was well covered. Preparation for speaking exams was of a very high standard. I was impressed at the way she helped me to carry out a research project into the geographical and cultural aspects of a region (Bavaria), which was unfamiliar ground to her at the time. With the help of her tuition I achieved a grade A overall for A level. Many thanks for being a great German tutor!”

“Hilary became my French tutor a year before my GCSE French exam, I went to her as a very unconfident student who hated French but still knew I needed to pass my French GCSE. Hilary put in every effort to help me in my weaknesses and after a few months I began to enjoy going to Hilary and even began to aim for higher grades and raise the amount of time I spent at tutoring. Hilary is a fantastic tutor who has kept her faith in my ability to meet my targets and helped me to become more confident in my own ability. I would happily recommend Hilary to everyone struggling with French GCSE.”

“Hilary has re-ignited my interest in French. Re-engaging with an entirely new vocabulary and contemporary issues, as well as being coerced into remembering essential grammar, has made me regret not having kept ‘au courant’ during the 35 years since ‘A’ Level. Most importantly, Hilary’s lessons are fun. A great French tutor!”

 “We can thoroughly recommend Elaine as a tutor for GCSE German. She coached our daughter, Holly, for 18 months in the run-up to her GCSEs last summer. With Elaine’s excellent support and coaching Holly went from being determined to drop German as a GCSE to attaining the highest possible grade that she was eligible for. We were absolutely delighted and it is a credit to Elaine’s patience, hard work  and brilliant coaching that Holly now has a great language GCSE qualification of which she can be proud”

“Hilary has been my Spanish tutor for a few years, starting as a beginner. Hilary creates a fun and interesting learning environment that is tailored to my individual needs. She uses a wide range of resources and has invested a lot of her personal time in developing activities to bring the subject alive and make learning fun. Hilary is a patient, friendly and professional tutor who is dedicated to the success of her students. I can’t recommend her highly enough. “